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    I purchased the Family Pack upgrade a few days ago and have upgraded a deks top and two laptop computers. I am very pleased with Windows 7 and its' operation on all these coputers and have only encountered one problem.

    I have a laptop which was running XP. After upgrading in the 32 bit version I noted the computer has no audio on the built in speakers. Device drivers all appear to be working, I've got audio in the headsets but there is no indication that the speakers have even been detected. The other laptop installed with no problems, have heasets and speakers.

    I've tried all the tricks I know of and can only conclude something happened during windows installation. Another clue was that the desktop Icon for Outlook appears as a window screen instead of the regular Outlook ICON. I have the regular icon every where else thoough.

    If I reinstall what happens when I am asked for the KEY?

    Just how much can you modify a computer before it is considered a new installation and requires a new KEY? I am thinking about more memory and a better CD DVD drive in the desk top.

    BTW the uncoopertive lapto is a GATEWAY M255e Gateway is blowing me off when I ask for some support. Refered me to MPC Corporation via a dead link.
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    You are allowed to upgrade a pc as much as you like.

    Adding RAM or changing dvd drive will be no problem .

    If you change a lot - you may need to reactivate.

    If you change mobo - windows will think it is a new machine - you call ms - tell them the mobo died - they give you another key.
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    Acer bought Gateway and now there is almost 0 tech support for Gateway... you are actually lucky you got blown off... they usually ignore everyone else.

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