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Hello all,

I lately been trying to find a simple, lightweight antivirus program for my PC and my Android phone. Many antivirus programs have all of these features now like VPN, child/parent watching, encrypt files/vault storage, password managers and so on. All I want is a antivirus that protects you on the web, scans your storage for viruses and maybe even a firewall which would be nice.

But I also want it to be lightweight so not hard on my PC since I have a gaming PC and I used some antivirus programs such as Norton and Avast and they end up slowing down my PC. I heard there is a new way to solve this which cloud computing antivirus which runs in the cloud so your device doesn't use much of its resources which I would like to get.

I don't care if its free or requires a subscription but along it has privacy in mind and does not harvest data from yourself. I understand if it may discover a new virus and wants to grab it from the user to review it but many online services like Google I stay away from since they live off your data.

Any suggestions and tips will be most helpful!


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I've been a user of Webroot for at least 10 years and have been happy to watch their product evolve over the years. It is by far the smallest footprint and lightest on resources on your system. Roughly 8MB of drive space and about 25MB in memory. Webroot works very differently from any other product. It does block the tradition types of malware such as keyloggers and known threats. The other feature of it is that it will mark suspicious processes and journal everything they do. After the process is analysed if it is deemed bad Webroot will roll back everything the process did and remove it even ransomware and any files that get encrypted.

A single license is around $29 or you can do the higher level protection for $44 which is 3 licenses and will run on your smart phone too.
Virus Protection For All Your Devices | Webroot

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I 2nd Webroot!
I used to use Kaspersky and yeah it was highly rated and did a good job it was very heavy on system resources and installed all kinds of stuff I didn't want like a VPN.

Webroot does a great job of protecting you. And is extremely light on system resources. AVs like Kapsersky, Bit Defender, and Avast are resources hogs!

You also get an Android version with a regular license. It's easy on system resources on Android as well.

If you have any questions about Webroot as @Neemobeer he's really helped me when with my questions about it.