Why all this spying?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Gentoo45580, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Why do people use windows, if they get spied on by the governmentnry
    Windows is just Malware used to spy on people, it has a backdoor by the NSA, FBI, and the government.

    I'm also not saying OS X is better, or any products made by Apple, or Microsoft is any better.

    Counter Arguments I know I will see (if no one takes this down for being a "Troll" or because they just know the people will see this.)

    Q: But I use windows for gaming!
    A: You can use many Unix based OS to play games, you may not be able to run every game on its own, as not much OS's can run a .exe, but you can use WINE for that.

    Q: But I like the look of Windows!
    A: Well, do you care about looks, or being spied on? Also, you can get other OS's (Such as ReactOS Cinnamon) that look exactly the same.

    Q: I dot have the time to install any other OS
    A: It dose not take that long, install something like Antergos, it is easy to install, only takes about 20minutes to install.

    Q: But I don't know how to use anything like that
    A: Most of them are just like OS X, some even look the same. Just try learning, it would be a great hobby and pass time, there are lots of fourms to help you and its something you should learn how to do, heck even get your kids to learn it, because where our society is going, mostly into computers and other technologies, it will bring you/them into liking computers, maybe leading to a career some day.

    Q: Are you open to questions?
    A: I will take any normal questions, hate comments, anything. Just try to do it before this thread gets taken down by someone :)
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    Yes you can play SOME games in SOME wines and there are more places like gog.com putting out Linux games but its a drop in the ocean against what you have for Windows.

    imo what it would be is pointless to use time to learn a linux system that nobody uses for work but I'm only one person so go ahead and teach kids to use Linux.

    Does Windows allow me to be spyed on... yes but I don't care about that.
    Does Linux allow me to spy on someone too... yes but I would need to find someone using it first so that is less of an issue.
    Do kids put too many facts about themselves on the net... ime yes but they don't care about that.

    p.s a system knows what you tell it so if you say your name is Fred and you live on the floor of the ocean then thats what they record because computers don't think... that's our job.
    Hate comments are NOT ok on this forum but you can have your say if you follow the rules and maybe ask a real question now and then?
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