Why cant I set this a device as the default device? Please Help!

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    Next weekend I am djing at a summer party, I am pretty useless with computers and I just can't get my head around this.

    Mixxx, the program I am using allows the Dj to listen to preview music through headphones whilst another song is playing through the speakers. [My laptop speakers dont work but I dont think this has any relevance]. The Dell Inspiron I am using has 1 audio jack and some USB docks. I have plugged in the am (using the audio jack), but I want to use the USB headphones (plantronics) as the preview device. Annoyingly my amp appears with a headphone sticker next to it in the hardware and sound menu, and as such i cant make it a default sound device, just a default communications device. This isnt a problem until I plug in the usb headphones, when I do that they take over as the primary device.

    I think if I can make the amp (through the audio jack) a default device rather then just a default sound device things will be sorted. The menu wont let me set the amp (that appears as headphones) as the default device, I can click on default device but it doesn't do anything.

    Please help! {Please reply in me friendly terms, computers confuse be sometimes}.


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    You are going to need two audio devices and two instances of application running (Windows media).

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