Can't set Headphones as Default Device.

I'm using a Sades Model SA-901, it has worked perfectly fine until i switched to Windows 10.
When i open Play Back Devices and try to set my headphones as the Default Device, the button is pressed but nothing happens.
It gives me the option, but it doesn't do anything, for both sound and microphone.
I have updated to the Windows 10 headphone drivers and it did work for a while when i first got windows 10.

Please help if possible.


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Did you remember to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST prior to running the upgrade? This free Microsoft program included in W10 identifies outdated or non-compatible hardware, drivers, and apps. I suggest you BACKUP ANY AND ALL PERSONAL DATA CURRENTLY ON YOUR COMPUTER TO EXTERNAL MEDIA PRIOR TO PROCEEDING WITH YOUR TROUBLESHOOTING FURTHER!!

Did you check the SADES website and see if they have BIOS and DRIVER updates available for W10? If they don't have that for your exact Model, chances are good that your computer is NOT compatible with W10. The W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST will confirm this, most likely. Even if the manufacturer (SADES in this case) doesn't list W10 drivers for your model computer, you can always phone them up and get a definitive answer. If they say NO; you'll never get W10 to run properly on that computer!:noway: It's incompatible at the Hardware level.:waah: If you want to then run W10 you'd have to replace that laptop with a new one that already has W10 pre-loaded on it from the factory.

Here's a nice link that describes how to get to the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST and how to run it:
Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

Post back if you have further questions.


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