Windows 7 Will Windows 7 Install delete existing files on my partition?


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I have 3 seperate drives in my system. I want to dual boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC1. Vista is install on the first drive (C) I want to install Windows 7 on the second drive D but there is currently files on the drive (some Videos and music etc). If i choose to install Windows 7 custom install and choose the D drive will it format the drive or wipe any of the files on there? I dont have any means of moving or backing up these files are they take up too much room (a lot of em are in HD format).

So all i want to know is will the Win 7 installer delete the exisitng files on the drive? Thanks.
Yes, it will delete the existing files.

There';s not enough room on the E: or the C: drive?Is this the only computer you have in the house? If you have a network set up, could could transfer those files to the other computer.
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Ok thanks.

I have 250gbs of space free on both D and E drives which are both 750gb in size. I think i may just create a seperate partition in the free space on one of the drives if thats the case then. I was just hoping i could choose the D or E drive to install Windows 7 and it leave the current contents of the drive intact. Oh well.
So you have more that 250GB of videos and pictures that won't fit on the E: drive?

You have not created any separate partition on all 3 drives?

You sure must had download a hell of a lot of HD video;)
LOL yeah we wont go into that.... I just have a lot of data put it that way. Right ive created a 140gb partition in the free space on the E drive and as a test im also going to leave some files in the new partition before i install Windows 7 to see what happens to em out of interest.

Unfortunatly since Vista the install process doesnt seem to give much information about what its actually going on in the background IMO.