Win 7 a better choice than Win 8 for XP user?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Coast dweller, Jan 10, 2014.

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    With security support running out on my XP OS I am looking for a substitute. My use of a computer is production! I have found Win 8 would require massive changes in production processes and programs I use. My only reason for wanting to depart from XP is loss of security updates. The BSOD forum seems the best place to ask: should I consider Win 7 a better choice than Win 8? I heard that Microsoft will continue security upgrades on Win 7 until 2020. I may not be able to stay out of an care facility that long! :ahaha: Ron
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    I'm sure many will advise you to go with Win 7 instead of Win 8. Personally, I would go with Win 8 because Win 8 is essentially Win 7 with an optional GUI. If you boot to the desktop it works pretty much just as Win 7 works. If you're one that can't live without the Start menu then there are 3rd party programs such as Classic Shell.
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    I stayed with Windows 7 I'll keep it until I replace this PC. Some of your choice will depend on your software and hardware and it's compatibility with the new OS you choose. I believe both Windows 7 and 8 have an Upgrade tool to run to check the compatibility of your present system. It might be worth while to run both on your XP and see if it shows problems with your existing software and hardware.
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    While you would probably find 7 a little more comfortable which ever you do, (I'd bite the bullet and go to 8) you can use Classic Shell and Modern Mix to get an interface that is basically the same as Windows XP.

    I used Classic Shell even when I was running Windows 7 and still use it with 8 and use basically the same interface that I did in XP still.


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