Windows 8 Win 8 dual boot problem after win7 restore :(


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Mar 19, 2013

My PC is windows 7, I purchased win8 on release day and installed without issue until today

today I restored my windows 7 to day 1 and as such it has removed the win8 dual boot system and directly loads win7

I have since got back win8 but it now does this via the old win7 dual boot
I know some people prefer win7 etc etc

How can I get it to boot as before - win8 dual boot without re installing win 8?

tried it, didn't work, infact on the first attempt at fixing it wouldn't boot any at all, had to do another win8 cd repair (bootrec/fixboot)

Go to control panel, system, advanced system settings, startup and recovery, settings. Check the pull down list for dafult operating system - does it show both? If so, select the one you want.

Still same - win7 boot menu

It only show the windows op sys in the pull down list?

Shows both 7 and 8 in drop down list - 8 selected.

I have read that once the booting system is altered in any way win8 doesn't like it and opts for the win7 menu

Boot from the Install disk, Choose your default keyboard and click Next. Use recovery tools. click Next, and select the Command Prompt
Now use these commands:
bootsect /nt60 c: /force /mbr
bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

Hopefully this will restore the original MBR and Windows 8 Boot manager, from the DVD.

Since I do not know exactly what you did to reinstall Windows 7, I will just assume you overwrote the BCD store you had originally. The way to normally repair a dual boot situation is to use the bootrec /rebuildBCD command. It will scan for OS entries and add them to the BCD Store. Make sure to boot into the Windows 8 media and go to the command prompt.

When you are done, you might attach a copy of your BCD Store by opening a Administrative Command Prompt window and typing:

bcdedit /enum all > %userprofile%\Desktop\bcdstore.txt

Then either zip and attach, or just attach the text file. You can copy and paste the command in a command window.

You should also be able to use the Windows 8 Install/recovery media to repair the system, but I don't remember the exact options.

Also, attaching a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window might help us see the situation better. Make sure you expand the window so we can see the details and the graphical representation.

davehc - I will give it a go

Saltgrass - I booted windows 7 this morning and decided to run the Samsung restore back to day1, rebooted and just win7 came up
60/40 expected it to happen but thought the win8 cd would have fixed it

I have read that once the booting system is altered in any way win8 doesn't like it and opts for the win7 menu
This is true - wasn't sure if in referring to the Win 7 menu you meant it was giving you Win 7 only or both - seems you are getting both and that is the best you can do - apart from selecting the default as I described.

davehc - Nah, now just boots straight to win8

davehc - did the same via windows 8 command prompt (not via cd repair) and now boots to the win8 bootmenu

so, basically after restoring win7 and then running win8cd repair to get win7 boot menu, run win8 and in the command prompt type bootsect /nt60 c: /force /mbr
should do the trick however, doing all I did as well may have played its part!

thanks to all

Sorry, Zombies. I should have emphasised that it would return the Windows 8 boot manager. The you could have used Pat's suggestion and used Easybcd to re-establish the Windows 7 OS.
Anyway, Water under the bridge. well done.