Windows 7 and 8 Dual Boot Slow Start-up


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I set up a dual boot on a 500 GB SSD. Cloned Windows 7 from a smaller SSD then installed Windows 8 on a second partition. It takes a full 60 seconds to reach the dual boot screen. It then loads very quickly. Here is what I've done to try and correct the problem:
1. Refreshed windows 8
2. removed all devices except keyboard and mouse
3. made sure all drivers were current
4. Updated the bios on my P8Z68-V PRO motherboard
6. replaced my MB battery
I cloned Win 7 first then installed Win 8. My MB does not support safe boot. Microsoft can't tell me what's wrong. After making several suggestions they concluded it must be my battery. Replaced it and no change.
Any ideas on how to fix?


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I just wonder if it's the cloning process which has made the operation slower than if it was a fresh clean install?


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It might help if you could use the snipping tool to take a picture of your Disk Management windows and attach using the paperclip on advanced replies. It might help if we could see your configuration.

Also, copy the command below and paste it into an Administrative Command Window. Also attach the resulting BCDtext.txt file. This will tell us where you system is looking during the boot. If you cloned the drive instead of just imaging, it might be related to some drive letter or partition designation problem.

bcdedit /enum all > %userprofile%\Desktop\BCDtext.txt

Is the old SSD still attached?


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It could be but I would think the problem would be with Windows 7. It start right up if I select 7 as the default. It is only with Windows 8 as the default it takes a long time to get to the dual boot select screen.


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Can I assume you are running the 3 TB drive configured as GPT?

Your Windows 7 recovery sequence entries are a little messed up, so I assume that does not work correctly.

In your Windows 7 Bootloader, you show "pae ForceDisable". Do you know why that is there? I don't think it effects Windows 8 in its current position, but Windows 8 does need that.

You have been doing some playing with your BCD Store, since you have a couple of custom entries Windows 8 does not put in there, in that form. Has this been part of a trouble shooting process?

But overall, I do not see why the boot would take so long. I would suggest you set Windows 8 as default in msconfig.exe and see if it boots to the Windows 8 GUI, then select Windows 7 for booting and see if it reboots into Windows 7. Then change it back to Windows 7 as the default, and it should boot to the Text Boot menu and no reboots for either OS when selected.


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Yes GPT on the 3 TB Drive
I names the second partition on the SSD Windows 8 as to not miss the target when I installed Windows 8, just being overly careful since I messed-up in the past. Also had to redo disk drive letters since most of my programs ran from my D drive in my old set-up.
I am currently set up with Windows 7 as the default and the text boot menu. From there Windows 7 loads immediately without rebooting, Windows 8 still has the long delay.
Should I try to edit out the "pae ForceDisable"?
I did a boot trace using SDK, I have not a clu on how to intrepret. The file is here if you are inclined to look.

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