win32diskmanager - screwed up my entire hard drive?

Hello everyone, I was trying to use win32diskmanager to put Debian on a single partition of my 2tb external hdd. I formatted one of the partitions, and started win32 to put the linux files on that partition. It crashes at 6%, and now the whole hard drive (other partitions are gone) says it needs to be formatted and shows up as only one drive (G) with 0 bytes available and 0 used.

Any ideas? There was a lot of stuff on that hard drive id like to keep, that being said, I have only had to scrap around 6tb of hard drives in the past years, so it wouldnt be a first to lose it all.

Thanks again everyone, I truly appreciate the help.


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To get any lost files back try running recuva, free from here:

It is of course standard procedure to back up any important data before engaging in any disk management.

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