Win7 cannot connect to printer on XP comp

We have a little net. On PC with XP pro is printer HP LJ 2200d through LPT port. When I try connect to this printer from notebook WIN7, I get only "waiting for response" window - and nothing.
Any idea?

It looks like you never got a response to this. Still have the problem? If so, some questions:

Did printing work at one time and then stopped or are you trying to set this up now and can't get it to work?

The fact that you can see the printer on the laptop probably means that the printer is compatible with Win 7, has a Win 7 driver, the driver is installed on the laptop, and the printer set to "share" on the XP. Correct?

I assume the printer works correctly when you print from the XP machine and there are no pending print jobs from the XP machine?

Any other networked computers sharing that printer? If so, does printing to that printer work on those machines? Any print jobs from those machines stuck in the printer's queue? Can you access the public directory on the XP machine from the laptop (network connection working properly)? Do any other computers on the network have printers? If so, can the laptop print to them?

What type of network connection do the computers share? (wired/wireless? Is a computer acting as the server and if so, which one, or are the computers connected through a router? Did you set up the network manually or use the Windows utility to configure it?)

Never mind. I wasn't paying close enough attention. I mistook kemical's response as your adding additional information to clarify your question. Senility setting in early.

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