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Today for the first time in years, (accept for when my cooler failed and my computer overheated) I had a real blue screen crash.

I was loading Age of Conan to play with my friend Paul and suddenly, the smiley blue face and black screen.

A few seconds later my computer started rebooting on it's own.

When I got back to the desktop all of my preferences had disappeared.

I.e. my desktop icons had reverted to their default state, when I reopened to game my username no longer showed etc.

I opened the game this time uneventfully and have had no problems since.
But I haven't had the computer shut down on it's own in a long time.

Still no change on keyboard lights.



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What did you do Mike use System restore?


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Could just be that the system picked that time to get updates. I would save and clear the event log so that you can keep an eye out but it's your machine m8... hope it was nothing.


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The computer rebooted on it's own, and I've had no problems since, other than my sporadic sound issues and the keyboard thing.

I will clear the event log so that I can keep track of what's happening better.

I was just surprised because I haven't had that happen in years.

I'm not sure what's causing the sound issues, sometimes it just doesn't start at boot.
I've had to boot 2 or 3 times to get the sound to come back, it's like it's just not loading something.

Occasionally it will be working one minute and not the next.

The next time it doesn't start at boot, I'm going to look at services and see it's running, but my guess is that it will show that it is.
When I look at the sound window and device manager is always says that everything is working normally.

I'm still making a backup image whenever things are working correctly, but I've have been waiting for the keyboard thing to get fixed before making a new one.

I've made 15 backup images so far, and I've restored 5 times.

I'm almost tempted to revert to the last build and wait, maybe until the slow circle come up, to update again.
I am having more issues with this build than the previous ones.

But I'll stick it out for a while, I can always do the restore.


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