Windows 10 bsod

hi guyz.
even i am facing the same problem.but i do'nt know what u r talking about bios and all(as im just a kid)
and i was getting the same error while i am upgrading from windows 7 to windows 8.1
as there is a lot of virus in it and i cant use any inbuilt apps of windows due to the virus(not even games:-(....).it says it isnt a valid win32 application whenever i try to open any program like task manager,stick notes etc,and all of a sudden many programs including some antivirus which keeps on deleting anything essential for windows.
please help
thank you

Hi.thanx but i sucessfully installed it.but jist now it got restarted saying it detected a problem and it never opened again.the error is
My computer never restarts now.i can only rely on command prompt if u give me some program sort of things or hints etc.
Please help me.


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Basically a system thread exception is a bsod and it sounds like athwb.sys is the cause. This relates to a Qualcom Atheros network driver and possibly needs either removing or updating. I'll move your thread to the correct section. Please read the sticky found in the wondows 10 bsod section on how to post the details.
How to ask for help with a BSOD problem

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Hi.but sorry i cant do that as my the restarting thing just loops so i cant see my desktop what do i do?
Please do not send pm's as we do not answer questions via the personal message app.

If you can get a friend to download the windows 10 iso from here:
Windows 10

You could then use it to either repair the current os or perform a clean install.


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Also can you please post the make and model of your machine as there may be other options but we need to know what your using so we can advise properly.

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