windows 10 on lumia 950xl not able to get e mail to work,

Windows 10 lumia 950XL e mail account needs attention and cannot reset it, tried deleting account which worked previously, really frustrating that a piece of equipment as expensive as this isnt able to handle the simplest of tasks, WHY DONT YOU FIX THIS MICROSOFT.
Absolutely useless to search for a solution, because a lot of people are having this problem and MS are unable to help.
what a great advertisement for your company you are


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what a great advertisement for your company you are
If you tell us what you have tried so far, we may be able to help you further.
B.t.w. This is a forum of nice people trying to help each other, and it is an independent forum and surly not a MS company forum.

Ok, well firstly thank you for responding, sorry for my frustration.
Ive had this issue since upgrading phone, it was present previously where, the phone kept on stating my inbox settings were out of date. Nothing would reset this condition,. So in the end i deleted my personal e mail account from phone, then re installed it. It worked for a month, now this has started happening again.
There is no way to delete the outlook mail from the phone, so ive found so far, ( i dont want or need outlook)
So wondering if anyone has an idea apart from deleting mail again
Hanks in advance


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I don't have such a phone, and have no experience with the mail app. Sorry for that

But we can ask here
Any bobby else?

After going around in circles for a while, I finally got through to MS Lumia chat, so they helped a great deal on this thanks to Oliver Z , Ive had to do the following to get the phone to sync. this takes a while but Im going to post here the steps I took in case anyone else has similar problems and I hope this will help others.

Obviously this will depend on your personal e mail accounts, but this should work if you check your e mail providers' web site for the incoming and outgoing servers names.

1. Delete the account that is giving problems.

2. go out of outlook, then go back in from the start screen.

3. you should see only the outlook account.

4. press 'Add Account'

5. Press 'Advanced Set up'

6. Press ' Internet E mail'

7. Then fill in the items on the page as below.

i. 'Account Name ( whatever you wish to call it)

ii. ' Your Name ( you should know that one ;))

iii. 'Incoming email Server' ( imap. xxxxxxxxxxxxx. com , xxxxx being your e mail providers name ie inbox )

iv. 'Account Type' ( select IMAP from the drop down list )

v. 'email address ( this is your email address for that account)

vi . 'username ( your email address again.)

vii. 'Password' ( your email account password goes here)

viii. 'Outgoing (SMPT) email server' ( smpt.xxxxxxxxxxx .com , again xxxx means your email provider name )

ix. Make sure all the remaining boxes are ticked . then press Sign In.

Thats it, you should then be able to sync the mailbox, be aware though that you will get a couple of messages saying your account is out of date whilst the sync process is running,

NOTE, as long as you can see the little dots running across the top of screen youll know its doing something, this out of date message will pop up until complete.

try to press dismiss until sync is complete.

I hope this will help as it is very frustrating sometimes when we dont get answers to common issues.

Good Luck


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Useful information!

Thanks for coming back.

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