windows 10 wont boot

Gjalt Kemper

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My windows system is in dutch, so here is the translation.

first: there is an problem with your computer it needs a restart.
second: automatic recovery planning
third: same as first
it's a loop

windows 10
Motherboard: Asrock Extreme Pro3 R2.0
cpu: Amd FX-8320 (8 core, 3.5 ghz)
gpu: Msi gtx960 2 gb
Ram: corsair 2x4 gb ddr3 1600 series
power: sharkoon 500Watt Bronze
Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-02

My system crashed before so i reinstalled windows 10 and after a day it all starts all again.
But now i cant even reinstall or do something with my computer.

Hope anyone can help me.


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Also this will mean you will have to enter the bios and change the boot order so that whatever media is running windows (either disk or usb) needs to be first. Once you do that make sure the media is plugged in and reboot.

You need to watch for the prompt 'Press any key to boot from (disk/USB)' , If you miss this prompt windows will just start normally so you'll have to go through the process again.. Good luck!


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" And my windows 10 worked propely before. "
gjalt … yes, it may be true that your computer did work properly before … we can only rely on what information you tell us. and thanks for elaborating as well as you have.

  1. perhaps a windows update threw a switch.
  2. or, more likely, as kemical is pointing out … a windows update rendered a critical driver obsolete and non-functional (immediate or provincial).
  3. malware/virus may have taken hold of vital regions.
  4. installing/ uninstalling software also contains possible offenses.
  5. possibly one of your hardware components has become faulty.
environmental dependencies:
  • "pc clones" (garage-builds) are notorious for these incidents
  • upgrading from windows visa/7 to win-10 tends to be problematic
  • upgrading hardware comes in third place
  • upgrading software is a bit easier to work with
the video-tuts (and links) kemical offered provide realistic hope for you. when working with bios, keep your polaroid or digital-camera beside you … photograph each and every sequence along the way. this is crucial when trouble-shooting … also offers a timeline for the next time a similar problem arises (and it will).

one other possibility that comes to mind, gjalt … contact the person who assembled the computer for you … it's quite possible, when you bought it from him, he offered to help you if problems arose.

in the future … keep in mind the following:
backup your personal files
create system restore points
burn a clone "image" of your environment on dvd​

best wishes to you, gjalt.