Windows 7 Disk Question!

Hi guys im planing on wiping my hard drive and reinstalling windows one problem..... I bought a custom computer and It has the windows product code sticker on the case but in the CD case came the windows CD with booklet but the disk that came is white and says Service Pack 1. Is this the install disk or just a patching disk thanks!

It looks like this!;1600;1200


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It might be 64bit windows 7 with service pack one. Why not pop it into the drive and see? If the data on the disk is around 3.5GB it's definitely windows..


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If you own the license for windows 7 Home/Pro/Ultimate you can download the ISO for the DVD from anywhere legally.


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If the disk says that it's Windows Service Pack 1, I'm 99% that's it has the whole install with Service Pack 1.
It's really the only way I've seen it packaged.

It's hard to see in the picture but I think it says "Includes Service Pack 1" on the disk.
To me that means Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.



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I would of thought it would say windows 7 basic, Premium, pro or Ultimate & what bit it was be it 32 or 64bit. Manufacturer's of notebooks of late are getting lazy & often no longer provide a way to restore the OS should anything go wrong & you have to do this yourself.


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The picture says Windows Home Premium 64 bit from what I can see.

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