Windows 7 Windows 7 RC wireless internet issue


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I currently have a dual-boot of wnidows XP and windows 7.
When I try to use my motherboard's Cd to install the wireless internet driver, it says that it isn't compatible.
I have an Asus m2n32 sli deluxe motherboard.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Sorry I´m respnding a little late, but the first suggestion did the trick, posting from winows 7 now. Thanks a lot!
Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with you wifi card. What driver set is it? You might want to consult the Windows 7 forum at, there may some information about compatibility with your system, please keep in mind, if your system was stable before, and you have the Vista Drivers they will work with Windows 7, so you may want to revert to them.
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Thanks for all your suggestions, but the problem has been solved a few days ago.
Is there anyway to get this thread locked, perhaps?