Windows 7 used to be black but now it's blue?

Hi everyone, I have quite a trivial problem, but it's really annoying me! I brought my laptop with Windows 7 64-bit preloaded onto it. The welcome screen and the screen where it shows all the usernames was black and my laptop came with a wallpaper preloaded onto it (black background with old school beat boxes on it). However, my hardrive crashed and I had to reinstall Windows 7, but now I am stuck with the classic theme (i.e. blue background) and there's no sign of the theme I had previously! Does anyone have any idea how I could go back to my cool black theme?

Oh and also, there used to be a taskbar at the top of the screen, which is no longer there. How can I get that back?

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anyone? :(


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The taskbar (auto-launcher) at the top of the screen as well as the themes you are talking about are all part of the laptop manufacturer's preinstalled software. I would have thought that if you either used the disc(s) provided by the manufacturer or the recovery partition on the hard drive (often provided by the manufacturer) then everything would have been reset to factory defaults, including all of the pre-installed software, which a lot of people spend hours getting rid of to relieve some of the bloat to the system, but evidently you either didn't do your re-install that way or I'm mistaken. Try visiting the manufacturer's website for your specific computer and see what they have available regarding driver updates as well as software and utilities for you to download.

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