Windows 8.1/10 sleep problem


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Ok, I know this was asked many times, but I tried every solution I could find and after 2 months of searching I decided making my own thread.

PC: ASUS N56JN / R501J (Laptop)

The problem:
  • PC seems to enter sleep normally(takes about 5-7 seconds for the HDD and power LEDs to go off), but waking up doesn't work as expected. Instead of resuming, the PC boots like nothing happened, and all opened app states are lost.
  • All drivers seem to be properly installed
  • Even before installing the drivers my laptop had the same problem
  • I had this problem both on windows 8.1 and on windows 10 clean install(my actual OS)

Solutions I tried:
  • Enabling/Disabling the power saving option in BIOS(next to this feature was written "can prevent computer from waking up properly")
  • Enabling/Disabling Hybrid Sleep in Power Options
  • Looking for problems in the Event Viewer
  • Modifying various settings in Control Panel
Additional info:

Event Viewer Power Errors

Active Power Plan Settings

Power Options:

NOTE: There is no Hibernate option in Power Menu
Actually before installing drivers, there was hibernate but no sleep, now its sleep but not hibernate

I'm not native English, so I'm sorry if there was anything unclear


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Actually yes, but I also tried putting it to sleep after disconnecting every peripheral, so that's not the problem


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I think kemical might be suggesting that you performed your Win8.1-->Win10 upgrade with this usb device plugged in while you ran the W10 upgrade. This is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO!. Running a secondary hard drive in a desktop PC or laptop which is plugged into a SATA interface on the Motherboard DURING AN OS-UPGRADE is also verboten!:noway: For the same reason.

If you would have run the WINDOWS 10 COMPATIBILITY TEST prior to running your W10 upgrade, you may have received an error telling you that your USB device or USB device driver you had running in 8.1 had a potential problem in W10 before the upgrade was run.
Did you perform this Test? :question:

In any case, you mentioned that this problem occurred with the laptop in 8.1 before your ran the W10 upgrade. So, the problem occurred since day-one that you purchased the laptop, correct?:question: If so, and this laptop looks pretty new do you have it under Manufacturer Warranty or Extended Warranty? If so, have you considered returning it to your place of purchase? :question: You could have a faulty piece of hardware in that laptop. It could be a bad RAM memory stick or Hard Drive. Have you tested those?:question: Even if you have run the basic hardware tests and they pass, that would not rule out a faulty Motherboard circuit. This would take advanced expert skills to test and detect.:andwhat: If you haven't run these tests, and don't know how or are not willing to do so, you should look up your receipt, purchase date, and warranty information on that laptop, and take it back to the place of purchase. If the laptop is under warranty, but the place of purchase won't or can't help you, you can contact ASUS directly and send the laptop back to them. You will incur a shipping cost with insurance to do so; in the US this runs about $50-$75. Once ASUS repairs your laptop they will ship it back to you on their dime. Be prepared for this to take several weeks. Laptop repairs in the US can run from 3-12 weeks or longer. Shipping internationally obviously can lengthen this time to several months I hear. Hopefully, you have another computer or older laptop sitting around that you could use in the meantime.

Best of luck,:encouragement:


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When I bought the laptop it had installed MS-DOS, I installed win 8.1 enterprise, and the sleep function was working ok, then I installed win 10 INSIDER, the sleep function stopped working, so I thought its OS's fault(beacause it was in BETA), I returned back to win 8.1 but the sleep function still not working, and now here I am on win 10 trying to find a solution.
EVERY OS install was clean install and NOT upgrade or anything, wiped HDD entirely every time


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Have you looked to see if the bios has a setting that can open up power management?
If nothing elose return to optimum default settings and see if that makes a difference.
Also see if there is by chance a bios update for that laptop that may address the issue.


Hi I really don't know that much about what all the battery does. Just know when the OP's PC wakes from sleep it seems to be like a restart..That sounds like some kind of memory problem. Personally, I hate the sleep function. I have mine set to never.:)
It doesn't seem to related to OS, because it does the same thing with W8.1 and W10. BBJ suggested defective hardware. That covers a lot of territory.
That would be a good place to start; checking hardware. Other functions of the battery cover a lot of things??? Just a thought! As I stated above, I really don't know what all the battery does. I know it keeps the time. Power management was mentioned in a reply above! And ect??
If you didn't have this battery, then each time you turn on your computer, the BIOS settings would reset and you would need to setup your BIOS again. Your computer will function but everything in your BIOS, such as the boot order, and the time and date, and other functions will reset.


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Does this issue occur when the laptop is running just on battery or does it occur whether your plugged into the wall socket or not?


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Also, I tried checking my hardware with
perfmon /report
and it says "Checking hardware for 60 seconds", but It seems to take much more that 1 minute, actually seems it will never show anything


Hi I always have dumb questions, but here goes any way. Are you sure the PC is going into sleep mode?
How do you know when a PC goes into sleep mode? I think you are saying when it wakes up, It's like a start up?
To me that suggests that the PC may not going into sleep mode. I know that's the issue here, but how would you know the PC is sleeping?
Have you tried the simple things like chkdsk and sfc /scannow They are my answer to every thing.:D
Have you checked RAM with a program like Memtest86.
MemTest86 - Offical Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool
OK that's my worthless 2 cents worth!;):hide:


Here you go!!
How can I visually tell if my computer is in sleep/standby mode and not shutdown?

You can check the power light indicator of your computer to determine what power state it is in.

  • Sleep/Standby – The power light indicator will blink at a steady, consistent rate.

  • Shutdown – The power light indicator will not turn on at all.

  • Turned on – The power light indicator will be on, not blinking.
The power light indicator is typically located on or near the power button of the computer.

A power-management state that uses the lowest amount of power while leaving the computer turned on. Programs or documents that are open remain open while the computer is in the sleep/standby state, and when you return and wake the computer, you can pick up where you left off.


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How do I know it goes into sleep? Click start->power->sleep, and everything turns off, except for the blinking power led, and after that pressing any key will restart the pc instead of resuming, and no, I haven't tried those commands, ill just do it now


How do I know it goes into sleep? Click start->power->sleep, and everything turns off, except for the blinking power led, and after that pressing any key will restart the pc instead of resuming, and no, I haven't tried those commands, ill just do it now
OK I would also consider running Memtest86;)


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- no problems found
sfc /scannow
seems to take a while so ill post the results once it's finished
Also are you sure it has anything with memory? What problems can the RAM memory have? Also flashing MemTest86 seems weird to me for checking a working RAM memory

sfc /scannow
shown this:

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some
of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For
example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Note that logging is currently not
supported in offline servicing scenarios.


HI ! Good that chkdsk found no problems. Yes sfc /scannow will take some time.
No, I'm not sure your issue has anything to do with memory. I'm just making suggestions that I would try if I had your problem.
Memtest86 is a well know program for testing RAM and has been around and suggested by techs for ever.
The issue is either software or hardware. You said it happens on both OSs. IMHO Then it's settings or hardware. I agree with @Bigbear's reply!(Post #4);)

Why use MemTest86

Unreliable RAM can cause a multitude of problems. Corrupted data, crashes and unexplained behaviour. Bad RAM is one of the most frustrating computer problems to have as symptoms are often random and hard to pin down. MemTest86 can help diagnose faulty RAM (or rule it out as a cause of system instability). As such it is often used by system builders, PC repair stores, overclockers & PC manufacturers.