Windows 8.1 BSoD wpprecorder.sys


recently I've been receiving this error. It always appears when windows is first starting. Usually it will happen once, then once the PC restarts it will boot fine. Just today however, the error repeated itself 4 times, and I was forced to run a system restore(which made me able to boot the pc properly). However, if the issue is becoming worse I would like to get it resolved.

I've run the System File Checker, and will attach the CBS. Corrupted files were found but unable to be repaired.



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The file causing the error with the System File Check is that stupid Canon printer file that seems to effect about 85% of users. It is not part of your problem, unless perhaps you actually have a Canon printer.

You can fix that by running the command below in an Admin command prompt.

DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Thanks for the replys guys, Trouble's solution seems to have fixed it. 3 restarts with no BSoD so far. I will reply again if the problem returns.

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