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I am very frustrated with Microsoft right now. I currently have a Macbook Pro with Retina Display and want to install Windows 8.1 in virtual box. I went to the MS website and was a little confused about the options so I started a live chat for help. They told me to purchase the Windows 8 Pro and after the purchase, I would be able to download the file for virtual box. I did all this. The downloadable file turned out to be an .exe file that I can't run on my Mac and I need the full iso for virtual box. I contacted them again and they just keep telling me to download the .exe file. I even tried to explain to one of them its not working and they abruptly ended the chat. This has been beyond rediculous so far.

There are so many people that somehow manage to install Windows on their Macs using Parallels, Boot Camp, Virtualbox, etc. - its not like I'm the first one. It doesn't seem like I can get an ISO any other way except as a torrent. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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Bassfisher6522 - That won't do him any good since he can't run the executable on his Mac to be able to get to the point of creating the ISO.

Ejohnston - I suppose you don't have access to a Windows computer where you could run the executable and create the ISO? Maybe a friend or relative has a Windows computer that you could use?

You should have been told to purchase Win 8.1 that included the physical disk instead of a download link. I doubt there is anyway that MS would refund what you paid for the downloaded .exe so you could then purchase a copy with the disk.

I can't guarantee this will work but you might try using Wine on your Mac to setup an environment on your Mac that will allow you to run that .exe and create the ISO. Here's a tutorial that might help:

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Damn...I missed that completely...thanks.

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