Windows 8 Installation; Internet Connected or Not To Be Connected?

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    I have noticed a slight variance during the installation of Windows 8 while the PC is connected to the internet and while it is not.

    Not being connected seems to be a little faster as it does not ask to sign in with your Windows Live ID, nor does is ask if you want to sign in with a Microsoft Account or Local Account, it skips that screen and just goes to asking for the User Name and Password and
    of course, it also skips the updating screen.

    This was done on a spare PC, zeroed out hard drive and as I mentioned, not connected to the internet and using the Custom Installation (clean install) method.

    Personally, this is the route I'm taking when I get the final version to install.
    Not sure why I didn't do it this way before, as I have always installed all previous Windows versions not being connected so I could install all the Service Packs and programs and to make sure it was a good install, then go online for activation and applicable updates.

    Another thing I had noticed, was that after a successful install, I ran Speccy and under "Summary", "Operating System", it reads "Windows 8 Professional 64-bit".
    If you take a look at my system specs by Speccy from the link below, you'll see it only reads as "MS Windows 64-bit"
    I'll be re-installing it shortly.

    FWIW, it did seem to be at least 10 minutes faster.

    Enjoying Windows, period.............
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