Windows Basic Display Driver Problems

So I put the folder in my /C: drive like the readme said, but it still didn't work. Now it says that my "pixel format is not accelerated." Also, after downloading SW Update (I already had, I used it to update my BIOS) it still doesn't give me any graphics related updates (because I beleive that they are updated completely already). What a challenge, eh?

I FIXED IT!!! :) I finally got it to work! So what I did was open the task bar on the right hand side by swiping my pointer down from the upper right hand corner, then click settings, control panel, (making sure that large icons are on) then clicking device manager, clicking display adapters, and clicking on my graphics card. Then, clicking the driver tab and clicking update drivers then click "browse my computer for driver software." Then click "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" and then just going through the list of drivers until one of them worked! (for me it was the third one down). Thanks everyone for your advice!

Great Job! Now get rid of the other


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It is a little strange you were not getting the updated drivers through Windows Update. I seem to get them all the time. Do you know if your system is setup to get Hardware driver updates?

I just set up a new system with the Intel 4600 on chip adapter (4K capable) and the driver from December was installed without me doing anything. I have been using the 3000 version on another system and it also has been updating.

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