Windows 8 Windows drops one of my monitors daily.


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Mar 15, 2009
Hey Guys,

Merry new year to you all :)

I have a very annoying problem. I have 3 monitors, 2 of them on my ATI Radeon HD Card and 1 on my internal graphics card a ATI 3000. When I install the ATI drivers for my Radeon only 2 monitors are found (HD Card). When I look in devices there is a yellow symbol is on the 3000 card. When I delete it and do a refresh the 3000 is then found but all the drivers restore to the Windows drivers. I can cope with that but the annoying part is that once a day windows drops the 3000 monitor, reverts back to 2 monitors and changes the display driver back to the ATI one. And I have to go through the process of deleting from device manager and refreshing to get my 3rd monitor back.

If that makes sense can anyone advice me on what and how to fix this issue?

By the way I didn't have this problem with windows 7 or the beta(s) of 8.


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