Windows needs Repair, possibly without use of keyboard


A recently built computer of mine has an error along the lines of
Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors
Error Code 0xc0000221

I've scoured the internet and found threads about how to fix the problem, and have obtained a bootable usb with a copy of Windows 10 on it. However, along with this error, my usb keyboard is no longer working. Could anyone here give me help as to how to go about fixing either problem?


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There is a fair change that the keyboard is still working in BIOS. Try using the F12 key directly after switching on to get in the boot selection menu of BIOS, to select the usb.

Hope this helps


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It is customary to provide us with a little more about your problem than just a 2 paragraph description. We really need to know the exact Make/Model of your computer exhibiting this problem. Also, your post is hazy on whether your are attempting to fix a PC with an older version of Windows (examples: XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1/WIN8.1.1) by using the Win10 usb stick. Is your computer a Desktop PC or laptop/tablet? All of this will help us to help you better.

If your PC is a laptop, have you tried disconnecting the USB keyboard and running the internal keyboard? Or is this broken as well? Is the error you are getting when you first turn on the computer displaying a BLUE SCREEN or a BLACK SCREEN with WHITE TEXT on it? This all makes a difference. The error message also show a hard drive storage driver error, which indicates that your hard drive has failed, or that it contains Windows corrupted files that cannot communicate properly with the BIOS on your PC. Again, these are generalizations, and we need specific information about YOUR PC to help your properly troubleshoot it.

You can also try to run a Windows Repair if you created a Windows Rescue Disk for your PC. Very few people do this, even though most PC's popup a window reminding you to do this on modern computers. Most people ignore it. Alternatively, if you have the Windows bootable disc for the Windows version that came with your PC when it was new, you can use that to boot into the WindowsPE rescue envonment, and there are several things you can do there to try and repair your error. This includes System Restore, booting into CMD or Command Prompt Mode and running software commands to repair your Windows (advanced), or performing a Windows Reset or Windows Factory Recovery (reinstall).

**CAUTION: Prior to attempting any software repairs in the WindowsPE environment or running any other software tools it is vital that you BACKUP ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA FIRST, IN ORDER TO PREVENT IRRETRIEVABLE DATA LOSS!!! If you've already done this, then you can begin.

All of these things won't do you any good however if you have a failed piece of hardware such as a hard drive or a RAM memory stick. Software cannot fix failed hardware!! So you need to test your Hardware first, prior to attempting these software repairs. This is counterintuitive however, and most home users don't know to do this.

Once we have your SPECS, please post back here, we'll advise you on how to proceed further.