Windows operating system corrupt

For the past couple of days I began to notice that a whole bunch of stuff began malfunctioning on my computer, most of which (if not all) are linked to the operating system. I'll try to make a detailed list of all the problems and everything I did to try and fix it:

1. Aero effects are not working.
  • Tried troubleshooting to find and fix any problems with transparency. It said there was nothing wrong, though the Aero effects still remained unfixed.
  • Tried restarting DWM. It says "Started" but not "Running". I'm assuming something is missing from its source files for it to only partially work. I tried using DLL fixers, but even after a full scan and fix, it still didn't solve anything.
  • Tried restarting the computer, and resetting the resolution. No good.
2. Monitor border somehow allowing cursor to travel out of the visible screen.
  • There is no other display device connected to the computer, other than the one monitor.
  • I did connect a projector once, and ever since then, the resolution window has an empty box next to the current monitor with nothing connected to it. Changing the resolution and then bringing it back to the original only fixes it until the next restart, and then it does the same thing.
3. Transferring files to an external drive stops for no reason.
  • About 25% of the files get transferred before the transferring just stops and the loading screen remains as it is. It isn't frozen, but nothing is transferring.
  • Again, tried repairing DLL files, did no good.
  • Problematic because now I cannot backup my computer.
4. Chrome starts with webssearch.
  • Looked in extensions folder, nothing but my installed AdBlocker.
  • Searched through settings, everything is default with nothing guiding me to webssearch.
  • Uninstalled any potential malware, such as YTDownloader.
  • Still continues to open with webssearch.
5. Overall performance has slowed down by a lot.

My computer is only 4 months old. I built it myself and have maintained it perfectly. All hardware is working perfectly as far as I'm aware. It does not make sense why it started to slow down to this point. Aero transparency disappeared first, and now dragging windows leaves a drag trail like one would find on an old XP computer. I have run antivirus programs multiple times, they have detected nothing.

If there is anything I can do, please help. There is too much to lose on my computer, which is why I haven't formatted anything yet. I can't even back it up after the external drive errors. Have any of you experienced any of these problems?

Computer Specs:

MoBo: Gigabyte X97-UP4
Processor: Intel i7 4930k 3.40GHz
RAM: 32.0 GB
GPU: Nvidia GTX Titan Black
OS: Windows 7 64 bit


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As your data is so important I would first remove the drive, install it to a usb caddy and transfer all important data via another pc to a backup drive. After that you can replace the drive and start your troubleshooting.

I'll do that now to back up my drives, but keep in mind these are two new 2TB HDDs, it's not too old to have hardware problems.

And also I'll see what I can do about the webssearch from the link. I'll update what happens.

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