Windows Update isn't working

Adam W

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Hello! I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium edition running on an Asus Laptop, purchased approximately in August 2012. I just restored it to factory settings, erasing all data and installing the original version of Windows.

Unfortunately, when I try to run Windows Updates it won't work. The application opens but when I click the button it says "Checking for Updates" and nothing else happens. It's been stuck checking for about an hour now. Did I do something wrong when I reinstalled the OS?

(Also I'm not sure how, but the Update History says it must've installed 3 things before I rebooted; Hotfix for Windows, Windows Update Agent, & Definition Update for Windows Defender.)

Adam W

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I downloaded IE 11 but it doesn't seem to help, it's still stuck looping. When I was reinstalling the OS there was an option that said something about Automatic Updates and I declined, I'm wondering if that's messing things up. Maybe I should reinstall the OS again?

orange juice911

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I used to encountered Automatic Updates. It happened many times and I just leave it alone. Now I never run to it again. Maybe it just need some time.:razz:

Howard Rippiner

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I'm highly frustrated too as I've been 'fighting' with this issue on my 2012 HP Mini for 3 weeks! I performed a 'clean install' of Windows 7 Premium directly onto my new SSD and using the key provided, I activated it. No problem. Although it's now Much faster than with Windows 7 Starter (I increased the memory to 4GB at the same time as installing the SSD) I can't get the MS Microsoft updates to download & install.

Ironically, it DOES install updates that are 'brought down' with MS upgrades (e.g. Moving from IE8 to IE11) so there is a short list of installed updates. I've tried all the 'FixIt' s that MS provide for Windows Updates trouble, but none of them have fixed it. I've even used a program to download all the updates I need and tried to install them offline, but they didn't install either.

It's even more frustrating to know that on my HDD which I took out, there is a recently installed fully working (but not activated - HP blocks the use of the factory-provided key from being used on a non-HP supplied OS) which DOES download updates OK.

If anyone happens to know which bit of the MS installation manages the updates, I could try copying it from the HDD installation and overwriting the same bit on the SSD. (After taking a couple of images of it of course.) Alternatively, a location where I can download and install a program or files that does fix it. (Microsoft or 3rd party)