windows will display until load screen but displays black on login screen, works fine on safe mode(u

can any one help me, this started yesterday october 11 2012,
i am using acer aspire 4745g

i was playing one of my games and then my system suddenly freezes and i can't do anything but to force shut down it, then when i turned the system back on, it goes to bios and the windows load screen (the one that the 4 colors of windows meet thingy) and after that the screen goes black as in no light display on monitor, but i could still hear the sound when (logging in) and i also think it could still go to desktop as when i used my mouse and randomly open things i opened a video and it still works(sound but no display)

i tried to format the system, after format the system works well i tried to restart the pc and it works 3-5 times but when i started to install drivers and made my system restart it goes back to the same problem the display only ends at the load screen but sounds work until desktop

i don't know what the problem is but i'm guessing its my video card that has a problem can anybody help me?

btw system display just won't work on system started at normal but system displays when on safe mode, and that's what i'm using right now

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Formatting and reinstalling drivers seems to suggest you have run a full reinstall. If so you may find it much easier and better to run a system recovery from the recovery partition on your acer.


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If it did work for a while after re-installing try going into Device Manager and roll back the driver for your video card.
It works in safe mode because it isn't running from your video card, it's using the basic video built into your mother board.

It's probably at the point that it switches from your on-board video to the card that it goes black.

You can also try un-installing the video card in Device Manager, while you are in Safe Mode and then reboot and let Windows re-detect and re-install the drivers it thinks are correct. Right click on the device and chose Un-install.

It sounds to me like you are installing the wrong drivers for the card, what kind of computer, and what video card are you running, make and model?



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It does sound like the video if going away with the resolution change. You can set your system to boot into basic video using msconfig.exe so you could get back into Windows. But since this is a laptop, I will assume you do not have the video redirected to another monitor, so you might try an external monitor to see what happens.

I had a Dell once where the laptop's lcd display was terrible, but the external video output was fine.... Turned out to be a bad video chip on the motherboard.


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I din't see that you said it was an Acer Aspire.
So you don't have a video card separate from the chip on the mother board.

But you can still try and roll back the drivers to what worked originally.
And uninstalling the video device and rebooting may still fix it, but I'd try the drivers first.
There's no reason I know of that it wouldn't reinstall the video but I save that for a last resort, before re-installing again.

And you can do what Saltgrass suggested and stop it from switching to the enhanced graphics and see it that fixes it.
If it does then it at least narrows it down as far as what's happening.

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