windows wont reach top of screen after sleep mode :S


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Hey Guys,

Hopefully one of you can help me cos im getting really frustrated. I have tried searching online for solutions but to no avail. My laptop is just under 12 months old and other than the battery dying already I have never really had any problems until last week. Its a Dell Inspiron 1564, Intel I3 running windows 7 home premium.

After my computer has been woken from sleep mode any window I open in full size no longer sits flush with the top of the monitor (its about a cm below top of screen), but my desktop background is still normal and reaching the top of the monitor and I can put my cursor up there. I have updated my video and BIOS drivers from the Dell website yesterday but that doesnt seem to have done anything.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can make it stop? If I restart my computer it goes back to normal again until the next time it sleeps but I would really rather not have to turn my computer on and off 15 times a day :/

Thanks in advance,



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Welcome to the forums!

Before I post solutions and links, I'd like to established a few things first in order to get a clearer picture:

1. Do you have a dual monitor setup or just one?
2. What graphic card do you have?
3. Did you try to do a system restore to before the time the "wakeup" problem occurred? (If not, please do so now).
4. Are you using Aero? If yes, switch to Windows classic and see if it helps

I would suggest first the system restore and get back to us.


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Thanks, I was hoping not to have to do a restore to fix it because i didnt have any restore points set up on my pc for some reason so it meant going right back to factory settings :s but i have now done that and it seems to have been fixed.

just FYI I was only one monitor, but i dunno how to figure out what graphics card i have and i am using aero.

anyway thanks again, i'll let you know if it happens again but i have put it to sleep and woken it up a few times and so far so good :)


It's definitely a problem with Windows Aero. Try right-clicking your desktop and select Personalise. Then on the right you will see different themes for your Desktop. All of them are categorised by "Aero themes" and "Classic". Switch to Classic and then back to Aero.

Sometimes things get buggy, glitchy and some files get corrupted, if the above didn't help, try restarting and do the above again. To test things out, you might as well create a guest user and see if the guest user has the same problem.

Good luck

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