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Windows 8 Wireless Router Non-connectivity


New Member
Mar 31, 2012
My Linksys WRT120N wireless router no longer works on Windows8. When I check my device events an alert says the IP address is out of range. I have reset and then reinstalled my wireless router but to no avail. My devices recognize the router and strength is 100% but they can't connect. User name and password are all correct. I then hardwired my PS3 to the router with an Ethernet cable and the system works fine and is able to connect to the internet. Is there anything I can do to get wireless connectivity with my wireless router? Thank you.
My Linksys WRT120N wireless router no longer works on Windows8.
I would take that to mean that at some point it did "work" on windows 8. So.....
What changed, can you do a system restore to a point where it did work?
Resetting your router was and is a good idea but typically a wireless router doesn't actually require "installation", so I am not sure what that statement refers to.
Try experimenting with the router interface setting for wireless, set the channel to something different, maybe switch from whatever it is to 11 or 3. Switch the operating mode from whatever it is go b/g or g only, anything that doesn't include N. Try switch the encryption to "None" or "Open" temporarily. Then back to WPA and then to WPA2 personal. See what works for you.
What wireless adapter are you currently using? Mfg. Name, Model Name, Model Number, Revision Number, Driver Version and Date and Vendor?? Same question as to wireless router and firmware version and date?
Do an ipconfig /all and provide your IP addressing information we'll take a look.
May I please interrupt as I see the comment," anything that doesn't include N"

I have 2 choices b/g or b/g/n. Should I use b/g? I thought n was advanced, no?
Thank you