Windows 7 Word - how to turn off the row of square black dots that separate pages


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Can someone please tell me how to turn off - that line of small black square dots across the page in Word doc - that separates the pages. Must be something I click on or? How can I stop it happeneing - ever!!

I have normal page separation and then suddenly it changes to this hard line. I try to delete it but no success. I searched for an answer on the threads but nothing - maybe I am not describing it well enough.

Funny I've seen documents where is would put a row of dots and the end of a page but they only showed where one page ended that the next started, they were never printable.

I have a pretty old version of Word but try opening Format Borders and Shading and see that it's set to "None".

Do you get this every time you have a multi-page document?

Check out this post and see if it relates...

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I only get it occasionally. That is a good answer - That relates. Thanks How to Get Rid of Dotted Lines in a Word Document |