Zune 30GB...


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Ok, so I'm not sure where exactly to post this, but I'm in need of some major help with my Zune! I love my Zune but I've given up unless someone can help.

My original Zune purchased in 2006 finally gave up. I purchased one on eBay, new in box of the same kind, just different color. My old Zune connected and Synced with no issues. Now, this new one I just purchased is giving me problems. I've tried 2 windows 10 computers, 2 windows 7 computers and an old computer running windows xp with no success. My music is there, the problem I'm having is with the computer "seeing" the device. Possibly a driver issue. The "sync" button is not lighted in the Zune software. Any advice??? I've tried searching the internet for Zune driver downloads, but all I keep getting is programs that want to scan my computer for driver updates and they want charge me. Please tell me someone out there loves their Zune like I do and has gone through this before.

I would appreciate any help!! My days at work are boring without my Zune!!!


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I have a Zune HD somewhere. From what I remember is they won't show up until they are unlocked. Occasionally they wont ask to be unlocked on the device and simply unplug replug is usually all that is needed