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I live in the United States and was vacationing in Rome, Italy. I was using the hotel computer and tried to sign into my Microsoft account to check my email. Microsoft told me they didn’t recognize the computer and would not let me sign in without verification. They wanted to TEXT or EMAIL me a pass code number that would let me sign in. I did not have a phone, that they could text to so, that option was out. My alternate email was my Gmail email which I had given Microsoft. Unfortunately Google was telling me the same thing. They could not recognize the computer so I could not sign into that account either, to get the password. I had used my Microsoft email as the alternate with Gmail. I was locked out of both accounts. I cannot have this happen when I am overseas. Is there a way around this in the security setup that I am not seeing? Can I have a code that I can use anytime without having to use the alternate email or Text? Or can I disable this security feature with one or both of these email services while on a trip so the two companies don’t try to verify me?


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I have had the same problem. It is not confined to overseas. It is an oversight from Microsoft.

The alternative, if you can remember them, is to complete the questionnaire as the second choice. In the case of a friend, who I was trying to help, he could not remember his password or the memory words, and the telephone number he had originally given had subsequently changed.
As he was not too involved with email contact, he took the easy way out and registered a new Ms account.!!
Possibly the only alternative would be a phone call to MS. But I could anticipate problems, even with that method.

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