Windows 10 After recent Microsoft update, Display video cuts off when idle


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Nov 24, 2016
After a recent Windows 10 update, I am getting no video to monitor after 2 minutes or so of idle. The OS version is 1607 and the build is 14393.1066. Before the update, computer was running fine. Power plan was not changed. After the update, I noticed that Microsoft added more power plans. Computer has been set to High Performance and now there are High Performance and Maximum Performance. What is the difference between the two?

I checked my power plan settings and nothing has changed and still video signal to monitor goes out after 2 mins of idle. Not using any screen savers. Microsoft is not making computer better, it is screwing up our computers.
Update: After 2 minutes of game play, the video signal goes out and the monitor goes to sleep mode. I had to write this message in safe mode with networking. Never used the safe mode under Windows 10 before. I updated the Nvidia drivers to the newest version. No difference.
I am writing this message from my phone. I was in Windows 10 safe mode and doing system file checker at 90 percent complete when the video cuts off. The Asus GeForce 750Ti is over a year old. Tomorrow, l will take the video card out and reseat it and make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Video card has two fans and have a fairly new power supply with 430 watts.
Do you have onboard video as well? Could possibly use it to apply the Creators Update manually to see if that resolves the problem. Although it does sound like it could be hardware related, god only knows until further testing.
Not a heat issue. My Asus video card is a windforce card with two fans. I do not have onboard video. Processor is a old Q6600 quad core.
The only change was the critical update KB4015217 and removed it and after a long working on update session, rebooted and computer was idle for 5 minutes. The critical update included a fix for:
  • Addressed issue where displays turn off unexpectedly even when Turn off display and Screen saver are disabled in the power profile.
I think this fix caused the problem of my display turning off unexpectedly.
Well if it does it in game as you stated it could be heat regardless of 2 fans or not. If it does it at idle it could be cpu temp or driver related.
It won't go to desktop screen because of one stupid setting called maximum performance or max power savings in power plan usb.

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It is cutting off monitor at start of BIOS. It has nothing to do with cpu temp or driver. The keyboard and motherboard works and no signal to monitor.

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I was testing the power plan and changed to max performance from max power savings and then the monitor went blank.

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Update: I took the Asus 750Ti video card out and put back the old 550 Ti video card. Was able to go to desktop.

So far, it looks like a issue with the 750Ti video card. I will put it back and see if it will black out the monitor again. If, so then the video card is bad. No issues with the older 550 Ti video card.
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The Asus 750Ti video card was approx. 2 years old. Contacting Asus for RMA. Lucky the warranty is 3 years. Don't buy any video card that has overclocking version. This was my first video card with OC version.
I wonder what the ASIC quality is on his card. GPU-Z is the only one I know that reports it.
All my cards have been factory overclocked. I then clock then some more. You've just been unlucky.

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I never overclocked the card. The only change I did was turning up the two fans to manual setting of 70 percent to reduce heat output from the 430 watt computer power supply which has one large bottom fan during multiplayer gaming. Power supply is a Thermaltake.
It could possibly be the PSU. Do you know anyone with a similar card as yours who'd allow you to test with it?
Nothing is wrong with the PSU. It is fairly new. I tested the 750 Ti on friend's computer and no video signal going out from any of the out-ports of the video card. I got the RMA from Asus to replace the bad card under warranty.
Cool so we know for certain it's the video card. Hopefully the RMA will go through quickly for you.
Asus updated the bios of the video card and video card is working fine. Turns out it is the damn HP Pavilion monitor. For some reason it said that no signal from dvi cable from the card and at the same time, l switched to hdmi mode in monitor to hear the news from the cable tv box. I have to run the computer with a usb tv tuner to listen to the channels. If l do a forced reboot of the computer, the Dvi signal returns to the monitor during boot up and to desktop.

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It has shut off the dvi signal to monitor during gaming. Operating system causing it? In power plan it is set to max performance.

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