Windows 7 An error has occurred, Not all of the featuures were succcessfully changed.


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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit - there are a few of Windows features that I am trying to turn off in ‘Control Panel/Programs and Features/TurnWindows Features on or off.’ I keep getting the message: "An error hasoccurred, Not all of the features were successfully changed." I would like to turn off Games and Windows Gadget Platform.

I have tried doing this one thing at a time with no results and get the same message.

I have run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r . as suggested in other Windows 7 forums - no errors or corrupt files were found.

What could possibly be the problem? Any comments, ideasor advice are welcome.

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I might think that something is running, or the system needs a reboot to finish the process. I cannot try turning the items off, so not sure, but you might try removing a few games at a time to see if one in particular causes problems.