Apple Mobile Device Helper has Stopped Working

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by bristy, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Where do I find the itunes application file (exe) so I can run it as an administrator? Thanks for letting us know not to delete it, the Helper Program. I had one second left when I read that and reversed it.
  2. Glad you were saved the hassle of re-installing iTunes by not removing the AppleMobileDeviceHelper program.
    Here's the route to finding the iTunes program file:
    C:\Program Files\iTunes
    When in the iTunes folder, look for the iTunes program [around 19.3 mb),
    click once to select it [not twice], then right click for choices, and select "run as administrator" . Good luck.

    Bill L
    Foster City, CA
  3. Thank you, I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times I am dizzy and really frustrated. I tried what you directed and it worked!Stephanie
  4. so do I have to run it every time as adminastrator? sorry not very computer savy what does it mean anyway?
  5. No problem! Worked for me perfectly too... And it still recognizes my ipod. Gotta love a simple solution.
  6. Seems as if you have to run iTunes as "Administrator" each time. I tried setting the "User Account Control" to "off" [from the "User Accounts" section on the Vista Control Panel], and the pop-ups returned.
    Until Apple issues a patch for the problem, looks like we're stuck with the "Run As Administrator" method.

    B Lynch
  7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled I-Tunes, and I cannot get rid of the message: Re: Apple Mobile Device Helper has Stopped Working

    I guess this is a temporary business-stopping disaster for Apple. Surely someone will find a solution. In the interim, I guess I'll look for anothe program.
  8. None of the fixes works for me. I cannot find the folders people claim exist because they apparently do not exist on all computers. I see that this is a "vista" forum. We have an "apple" problem. I agree with the person who said: we need a "patch" to fix the problem. I completely give up.
  9. What the... folders people "claim to exist"?! Jeez, chill out man. Somewhere or other in your control panel will be a list of programs intsalled on your computer. On the list, you should see something called "apple mobile device" or something of the sort. Delete it. Problem over. Happy days.
  10. Im having no luck with these fixes. Ive tried deleting but it wont recognise my ipod classic. And setting as amisistrator has done nothing. I wish i never upgraded itunes!!
  11. I have had the same problem after upgrading iTunes. I am running Vista Home Premium 32 on my laptop and I have an iPod Touch 8G. After trying twice removing and and reinstalling iTunes 7.7, I still got the pop up and I was unable to sync. Deleting the Apple Mobile Device program in Control Panel did not work for me. I fortunately also have a desktop computer in the house that has never had iTunes installed on it. So I downloaded iTunes to that computer and it worked fine, and I was able to sync and upgrade the iTouch to version 2.0 with no problems. I was also able to restore songs from my backup CD's which I had the forsight to make before I upgraded. So--- apparently there is a problem upgrading on a computer with a previous version installed on it that doesn't show up on a virgin computer. All is well except my laptop still has the pop-up but I have my ipod back for work tomorrow. Once they see how much money they are not making because people can't sync, they will fix it!!
  12. any clues how long apple may take to sort? im experiencing the above situations where the fix's wont work. im so annoyed, need to add more songs!!!
  13. how do i fix this
  14. i can't used my itunes now because the windows message kept flashing "apple mobile device helper has stopped working."
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    Exact same problem as this person. I have tried all of the suggestions and none of them have worked. Does anyone have a different solution? It's really starting to (bleep) me off... :mad:
  16. Bill L 2nd Post on Page 2 is the fix. Thanks Bill for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Worked For me!.

    1. go to control panel and go to uninstall program

    2. find Apple Device Support and UNINSTALL IT!
  18. OOOOOPPS I meant to say Apple MOBILE Support
  19. So annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. This works for me, If you have followed the directions of the others on this topic about deleting the Apple Mobile Device Helper, it may only work for a short time if you use anything other than an iPod Touch/iPhone,you will have to uninstall iTunes if you use iPod Touch/iPhone, reinstall it then follow his directions. Now Re-open iTunes, plug your device in, and see if it works.

    I tested an iPod Nano without Apple Mobile Device Helper installed, it worked for a minute.

    NOTE: If you let those pop-ups keep on appearing, your PC might crash!!!!

    Good Luck-----------------If that does not solve your problem, then I don't know what will!!

    P.S. the Apple site does not have any topics of this occurance, WEIRD!!

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