Apple Mobile Device Helper has Stopped Working

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by bristy, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. If you are using BT BROADBAND exit the BT Broadband help icon in bottom right corner of desktop and the problem will go away
  2. If you are using BT Broadband delete the help icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop and the problem will go away
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    It appears to have started after my last itunes update.but as mentioned earlier got to your programs and features icon on your control panel and uninstal the apple mobile support from the list and you should be up and running again.
  4. The thing that makes me crazy is after spending hours on the phone with iphone tech support they say it is a vista problem, or something in my computer, NOT an itunes bug. Well, that doesn't sound right to me or i bet to all these users who have posted the same problem. Is Apple working on this? They say they haven't heard of this problem before me, HA!
  5. This seems to be another User Account Control Problem. Installing iTunes (after first uninstalling the old version)with the UAC turned on works. No messages about the mobile device helper. As soon as the UAC is turned off, however, the annoying dialogue box appears every 8-9 seconds, though it does not interfere with synchronizing either the iPod Classic or the iTouch. I had exactly the same UAC problem with a Franklin Covey Program for Outlook when I first got the Vista system. The FC program worked with the UAC on,but not off. Since Quicken required just the opposite (UAC off) to access its data files, I opted to keep the UAC off. I am the only user of my computer and I need access to Quicken more than I care about the FC program. As I recall, Adobe Acrobat needed the UAC off in order to download and install, so it seems clear that some programmers do something that demands one thing or another of the UAC, while other programmers write programs that are independent of the UAC status.
    In the case of iTunes and Quicken there is no easy way out because I want easy access to both - and turning the UAC on and off (Go to Control panel, User Accounts to find your UAC) requires full system restarts. I tried to post this answer on an Apple forum site, but in typical Apple fashion, the registration page couldn't recognize that I had filled out the form. In the meantime, I am appealing to Intuit to see if they have a solution for Quicken's difficulty with the UAC - at least one can send them a a message (if anyone knows how to send Apple a message, please feel free to forward this.)
  6. After reading the Wall Street Journal description of MobileMe, I realized that it may have been installed with the latest version of iTunes. Sure enough, it is was in the startup file, and when I unchecked it, the mobile device helper message disappeared from iTunes, even with the User Account control turned off.
    You can find your start up menu by typing msconfig in the search box, clicking on the icon that appears, and then navigating to the start up file. I unchecked a number of other programs that had been installed with downloaded software,including iTunes itself. I'm OK with manually starting it.
  7. Yahoo!!
    I uninstalled "apple mobile device helper support" under pregrams and features, and lo I'm back in business with itunes. Thanks to unregistered guest for your input. We're happy now.

  8. Thank you for the BT Broadband suggestion - to remove the help icon from the desktop - what a simple solution!!!
  9. i did the whole runing as adminstrator and it stoped popping up but now i need help to sync to my ipod touch the button is not avilable i cant click on it!!! NEED HELP PLEASE
  10. Wow! Thanks alot Bill. I finally was able to sync my new iphone.
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    Very well done indeed sir, I tip my hat to you. Have spent a very frustrating night awake trying to fix this, and you had the answer. Many thanks to you!
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions on this problem. I have just uninstalled the Mobile Device Helper and the problem has been fixed. Not sure how this remedy would affect iPhone users however (I only use an iPod).
  13. I uninstalled the mobile device helper in my iTunes file, and those 32 consecutive (and extremely irritating) messages about the problem stopped. Thank you for that advice.

    Unfortunately, now iTunes will not recognize my iPod classic and thus will not allow me to sync anything. I dread the thought of starting all over with it since I have the 80gb iPod and do not want to re-install all my music. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. hi all i have found another solution to the annoying pop-ups,

    it takes a while but it does work. the lovely people at apple talked me through it.
    do these steps in order and your prolem will be solved, up system config by pressing the windows button and the r key. then type msconfig in the box and press enter. under the general tab select selective startup and un tick the "load startup items".click apply then ok. the long bit! uninstall all the itunes software in this order and after every uninstall RESTART! your PC very important your restart.
    1.itunes mobile device support software update

    3. then go to itunes website and re install itunes.

    if you follow these steps the annoying apple device helper popup will have gone.

    then follow step 1 again but in the general tab select normal startup tab as it was before.

    hope this helps. just remember the restart after EVERY uninstall.

  15. I linked my new 3g Iphone to Itunes and upgraded to Itunes 7.7. Immediately the error message kept popping up saying that the Apple Device Manager had stopped working. After a few days of hunting around the Apple site I found that in my case the problem was stemming from the Comcast Desktop DR. installed by my Comcast account. Once I stopped the Comcast Desktop Doctor all was well.
  16. I have a similar problem. With my iphone it says "missing the pairing record" Did everything i could, even late night frenzy's, but nothing helped.

    This al after installing 7.7

    And nothing to find on the internet (not much at least and not helping).

    My head is spinning now!!!! please help if you know a solution. Everything mentioned before didn't help.
  17. Thanks so much, tried all other solutions suggested on the internet and this was the one that worked!
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    Apple has released an update for iTunes, bringing it up to Version 7.7.1. This version contains stability and performance fixes.
  19. and Help me how I do for save this problem the window do not disappear and I do not wat Ican do for do not see it enymore

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