Windows 7 arrange by name and all my files are gone! bug?


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May 19, 2009
This is weird... When I arrange a folder by name that is located in My Documents, all the files disappear and refresh doesnt bring them back! I can reproduce it consistently using blank text documents. If I copy that folder and paste it somewhere outside my documents, I can see the contents again.

My Documents are mapped to a separate data partition, but Im not sure if that is the problem because if I copy the folder that just got messed up and put it somewhere else on the data partition, the files become visible again.

Lastly, why does the menu "arrange by" only appear when Im inside My Documents folder?

Ok, Im starting to answer my own question here, but I just noticed that this only occurs when I access My Documents through the libraries link. If I access it through my personal folder link on the start menu, everything is visible again, and the "arrange by" menu isnt visible.

Anyone else get similar results?
This seems like a bug that someone at Microsoft should know about.
Surely I'm not the first person in two years to have the same problem. It seems like a bug to me and you'd think ms would have fixed it. For me it doesn't always happen, and seems more likely to if I use the right-click menu to arrange, rather than the window menu.
Thanks for the tip of moving the "empty" folder onto the desktop to make the files re-appear.
I do think that a serious bug like this should have been fixed by now.
I wonder if it is related to the hardware? My new computer, where the trouble is, is a Sony Vaio.
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