Windows 7 Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 help needed


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I recently got a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 mobo to replace my 890FXA-GD70 that stopped working. I can't get the new mobo to work. The boards stanby led stays lit in green. The cpu, ram and boot device led's never light up.I've tried 2 different cpu's (Phenom 2 965 & 1100T), 2 different psu's (ZX 1250W & Corsair TX 750 V1.0), 2 video cards (HIS HD 6950 & XFX HD 5770), 4 sets of ram (Kingston Hyper-X 1866 & G-Skill Ripjaws 1600 -in single & dual 4gb. sick configs- tried al ram slots) & my ssd (Vertex 3 MaxIOPs 120 gb. & 2Caviar Black 1.0 tb. 32mb. cache -each by themselves in sata port 1). All thes parts are in working ordder and have been tested. Could it be that my Microsoft Wireless Desktop 200 is the reason, as both are usb 2.0 w/single plugin for both ?
Do you have all the cables from the front panel connected to the header pins...positive and negative positions.
Yes, they're all connected properly. I have a rma for the mobo. I'm just wondering if the usb keyboard is the real issue. I'm ordering a ps2 keyboard tomorrow. I'm debating on whether to wait for it to arrive next week first or to go ahead and return the mobo this week.
I'm debating on whether to wait for it to arrive next week
Sounds like you've tried practically everything in so far as swapping out parts. So....
Assuming you're getting no POST screen and no BIOS Beep Codes, and you're certain you have everything plugged in correctly, personally I'd be moving ahead with the RMA as quick as I could. While happily not yet all that common, you can and do get one that's truly D.O.A.
Besides I don't think I would want a board that required a PS2 keyboard to POST and just laid there lifelessly without an error visible on screen or no audible beep codes. Most boards that I've seen will at least POST without even a keyboard attached, they may halt on keyboard error but at least they'll inform you.
I've done all that on Asus' site per their forums. Ieven tried it with the mobo out of the case hooking a paperclip to the psu's.
It sounds like you have done more that you should ever have to do.

As long as you know the Bios supports the processors, and it should at least support the 965, and you have all the necessary power plugs plugged in, then as Trouble points out, it might be time to send it back.
Mobo is enroute back to Newegg. Hopefully the one I receive back has the 1304 or the last uefi update, so I can use the FX 8350 cpu I just ordered.
Replacement mobo should be here Tuesday. Hopefully this one works. It's gonna be a while for this build. I'm not installing the Corsair H-100 at first. I'm gonna use the noisy stock AMD heat-sink until I know the mobo is good, Windows 8, driver's and software are installed. Then the H-100 will go in. Games aren't getting installed for about 4 month's as Ihave 4 more hardware upgrades to do first.May- Seagate Barracuda 3.0 tb June- 16 gbs. ddr3 2133 July GTX 660ti or 670 August- Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb. Then all my games will fit on the bigger ssd.