Blue screen on Gaming

Hi all,
I am here looking for help on Blue screen while gaming, even in some facebook games. suspect on display driver error, but i have updated all my display driver. i can only attach image from event viewer and an error pop up when i try to upload W7F diagnostic zip file.



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What error popped up??

This is what pop up when i try to upload W7F diagnostic zip file



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Sorry.... not sure what might be causing that.
If you have a SkyDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, account can you upload it there and provide a link?


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This is what pop up when i try to upload W7F diagnostic zip file
Try removing the space in the filename.

Only blue screen on gaming? does it happens when you watch online video? if only game, you are suggested to try the Razer Game Booster.


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Might be the classical issue of overheating - not so improbable as it happens while gaming. Check the cooling, clear dust from the inside... ;) Don't forget to clear the PSU intake - outlet. Electric components may reach high temperatures in no time, even if you're not doing something you consider heavy.

About the display driver error you suspect, you might try an older driver. Quite often they work better than the latest. If you can put your finger on the approximate date when the problem started, you could also try a Restoration Point in Windows, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery, and choose a date before the disaster. If you do this, check what programs will be affected, because you'll probably have to re-install them.

Best of everything.

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