BSOD on friends PC

Helping a friend out trying to figure out why his pc keeps giving him a BSOD. He says his youtube and hulu videos are crashing and then sometimes his PC will BSOD. I asked if he had updated all of his drivers and he said he had. Attached is a copy of his minidump file, any help would be appreciated.



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after checking the dmp file I noticed the bios is old:
BiosVersion = 0908
BiosReleaseDate = 11/16/2012
Latest version is 1301:

Please update Network driver:
Rt64win7.sys Tue Jun 12 15:00:29 2012

Please update sound driver:
RTKVHD64.sys Tue Jun 12 11:02:32 2012

AVG has been known in the past to cause issues. Please remove for the duration of this troubleshoot and use MSE instead:

Sounds good, I will update later today after I get him to make these changes. Told him if he is still having issues to send me another dump file and will go from there.

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