BSOD when trying to connect to the Internet


I own a Compaq Presario CQ42 and it's running on Windows 7 64-bit.Each time I tried to connect to the internet this past 2 weeks I keep getting the blue screen.I have uploaded my DMP files on rapidshare and here is the link to ZIP file:

Any help is greatly appreciated


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I can't seem to get to your link, but you can attach it here.

Otherwise, if it blue Screens when you try to access the Internet, might be related to the Network Adapter.

Here is it



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Looks like I am not going to be able to help. Hopefully some of the folks with more experience will see something.

All the dumps seem to mention Netio.sys which is a Microsoft system file and probably not the actual cause. Possibly some other driver is setting it up to take the blame.

I did notice one file from 2008 named 000.fcl which appears to be from Cyberlink or PowerDVD. It may not be involved, but you might see if there is an update.

Have you done anything with your Tcpip drivers lately. I don't even know what mine are but yours are from 2013. I just bring it up in case you may have manually installed the drivers.

Malwarebytes is also running, you might try turning it off for testing. I run it to scan my system, but I don't leave it running so I have no experience with it.


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It seems that tcpip.sys is the most common problem. I would repeat Saltgrass' question if you have done something with those drivers lately? Or installed new hardware, software? If you can point your finger on a date when problems started, you could try a Windows restore point. If you go for that, it might be smart to manually uninstall any programs installed after that before you do the restore - Windows restore may leave some stuff, thus uninstall is a good way to proceed.

Another option could be, since it may be a registry issue, to run CCleaner.

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