Windows 7 Can I update non genuine windows 7 ultimate with professional


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I purchased a new PC loaded with Vista just before Windows 7 came out. I have a program that did not work very well with Vista but I discovered that it worked well with 7 so I purchased a unopened Windows 7 Ultimate complete with COA and key and did a fresh install on my machine. The Operating system worked well for about 4 months and then started showing as non-genuine.

I was able to get in touch with the seller and he made some vague excuse that something must be corrupt and replaced it with another sealed copy. After about another 4 months this copy also became non genuine.

I contacted Microsoft support and they informed me that the copy of 7 I had was a training copy which only works for about 4 months and then the key is blocked. I could find nothing on the package to indicate this and of course the seller has become incommunicado. My copy of windows 7 ultimate still runs OK except for the non-genuine nag.

My question is would I be able to install a Windows 7 Professional over the installed non-genuine Ultimate or would I have to reinstall the genuine Vista before I am able to upgrade to Windows 7 professional..

I am trying to make my machine genuine without paying out big bikkies.
You're probably able to get an authentic Windows without destroying your present system or files... but you have to pay for it, standard price. My best bet would be to contact Microsoft.
The famed saying "Buyer Beware" sure does come to mind. This is the risk one takes when buying an OS from a non-standard sources like ebay, amazon and so on. I always recommend buying an OS from a retail store where the buyer has some protection and rights.
To add to bassfisher, not trying to sound smart or anything, I always recommend to buy the whole computer and everything, or any other ware, from a local smaller shop / entrepreneur; it gives the benefit of a humane relationship that guarantees good service in future. It's not all about "business", it's very highly about human relations. The cheap is not always the price worthy. I've had my costs here... :redface:

No blame, only best wishes. :)