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I am running Windows 10 Technical Preview on my laptop currently on build 9926. Whenever I try to run Windows Update it either fails or installs the updates but I get BOSD System Thread Exception not handled in an infinite bootloop. I am able to run System Restore but it fails but it allows me to be able to boot into the OS and use the computer however I can no longer access the start menu or do a search using the search bar. It doesn't doesn't work. I have tried using my Windows 8 restore disks to go back to Windows 8 but the computer won't read them and in will only allow me to boot from a special USB Drive and the Windows Rollback option screen no longer shows up. Is there anything I can do? Can I reinstall Windows 10 again over the current Windows 10 or is that not possible? Or does anyone have any other options of what I can do to fix this?


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options if the machine will boot to desktop;
1. press [windows key] + [x] and then press [k] to open the disc manager... take a screen shot of this page and post it.
options if the machine will NOT boot to desktop;
2. yes you can install another windows 10 but that doesn't fix the issue
Have you got a bios lock running on this laptop... most of them do... has it been disabled?

p.s make and model of the laptop... any mods you have done to the parts?

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