Cant access any part of windows

Hi i am only just getting this problem after restarting my computer it just goes to a black screen no windows starting logo and then my monitor switches of but yet im still in signal when i turn it back on. I have tried going into safe mode but still the same happens. I have tried start windows in last good config but still get the black screen i have tried all of the usal stuff but yet i still get that black screen. It cant be my graphics card its still in signal when goes to bios and when i go there and click on the hardrive boot from it goes to windows starting logo but it takes long time and the goes to blu screen and restarts to quick for me to see what it sais. If anybody knows whats going on here please help remember i cant access windows anyway.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Boot from your installation media and choose the "Repair Your Computer" link in the bottom left of the 2nd or third screen after choosing language and keyboard layout.
Try the automatic startup repair first.
If after performing that three times with negative results you can try doing a system restore from the advanced options and see if that fixes it.

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