Can't Connect to My Modem Via Ethernet Cable

Hello. I just recently switched ISPs and noticed that the wireless download speeds I'm getting aren't anywhere near what I'm paying for (should be getting ~150 Mbps and am getting closer to 40 Mbps instead). I went to hook up my laptop directly to my modem to find out the wired download speed to see if it's a router issue but when I bring up the network selection, the wired option just says "Unidentified network" followed by "No Internet." My modem is an Arris Surfboard SB6141 and I'm running Windows 10 Home on my laptop. Any suggestions on how to get my laptop connected? Thanks in advance!

What do you show in the try by the clock. Right click it. Click on Troubleshoot problems. Does it show a yellow shield?



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Are you getting assigned an IP address? Modems do have a built-in DHCP server so you should get an address from it. If you're not simply rebooting the modem should resolve it. This modem appears to be a DOCSIS 3 modem so it should be able to handle up to 384Mbps. Provided you can get an IP address, you should be able to access the modem from a web browser and see how many channels are bound. 4 is about 171 Mbps if it's bound to 1 then that is your problem and you may need to contact the ISP. You may also want to see what your ISP guarantees for a download speed because it's not always the same as what they advertise when you buy a plan.

Hi @Neemobeer Lets help this member as a team! Your suggestions are all good!. Powering off the router for 30 seconds might solve their problem.:up:

Thank you both for the help! Powering off the modem and turning it back on while connected directly to the laptop worked. However, now I'm having an issue with getting reliable internet speed tests. Some websites' tests are saying the speed is around 40 Mbps while others are saying it's around 90 Mbps. Any suggestions for a reliable speed test to go off of?

I checked to see how many channels of the modem are bound and, as long as I'm reading things correctly, there are 8 download and 3 upload channels bound. The modem is advertised to have 8 and 4 but I'm not concerned with the upload speed since all speed tests I've conducted over wi-fi have either met or exceeded the upload speed I'm paying for.

Also, I'm wondering if the router might be part of the problem. It's a TP-Link TL-WR841N. Any thoughts on that?

Hi I would be very happy with 90 Mbps. It has been my experience that speed tests are going to vary. They will vary according to the time of day and ECT! I pay for 50. I'm wireless! I have a NETGEAR AC1750 Model C6300 by Ookla - My Results


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If you're wired you may get better speeds, wireless you will probably never hit 150Mbps

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