Can't see other computers in network (7057)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by slayman, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Same problems as the OP

    Earlier I read this entire thread to see if a fix to the problem had been found.

    I didnt bother trying most of the fixes on the list simply because I knew they wouldnt work, or have any bearing on the problem.

    My situation is somewhat different from the OP. I am the system admin and have access to everything, and can do anything I want because its my network. My main differences are that I have W7 Build 7100 x64 installed on the PC I am typing this on, and having had no problems up until I wanted to print something (via another PC on the network) I was reasonably happy with W7 so far (sucks less balls than Vista, and is pretty fast).

    Anyway I digress..... I found that the PC's on the network that were visible were this W7 machine and the Vista PC. The 8 XP machines, 1 W2K3 Server, and 2 Linux servers were not there.

    After not bothering with most of the standard stuff I skipped straight to the W7 specific things, and I even disabled the Windows firewall. As nothing had been suggested that I havent already skipped or tried I started to look at other possibilities.

    The answer was so simple I was stunned. It seems that DHCP + W7 is a bad mixture because I gave the PC a fixed IP address and everything worked right away.

    So, as the answer to my problem was so simple I would suggest everyone who has this (or similar) problems should just find out what their IP range and Default gateway are and tap in some numbers manually.

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    i have the same issue as this, i noticed in your Network Status and Tasks the same issue i have its showing your connection type as Internet. If im not mistaken that should say Local and Internet. I have not figured out whats causing it.
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    The Answer


    I have managed to solve this one.
    I know its an old thread but here goes.

    When you use the command from the DOS prompt (cmd) - ipconfig /all
    you may notice an ip address that has "preferred" next to it.
    If its not the ip address you have configured manually on your ethernet adapter
    then its because under your ethernet adapter you have configured a secondary ip address under the advanced section of IPv4.
    If you notice a second address, remove it.
    Then run ipconfig /all and you should see your static ip address with the "preferred" tag next to it.
    They look under the Network section and all you other devices should be available.

    Windows is a bit stoopid when it comes to mulitple IP Addresses being added to the same box.
    Using the command route PRINT from DOS will show you the routing table on your PC.
    Secondary addresses sometimes cause a second default route ( to appear and it screws things up!

    Hope this helps!
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    Aug 15, 2011
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    I had the same problem - this fixed it for me:

    1. Click Start > Computer > System Properties
    2. Click Advanced Computer Settings
    3. Under "Computer Name" tab you will see the workgroup name is set to the default "WORKGROUP"
    4. If your network name is different, click change, fix the workgroup name, and click ok.
    5. Restart your computer and it will see all the computers on your network.

    This worked for me when I was having the same problem adresses here.
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    This isn't really a full answer but what works for me is when I have fixed IP address.
    When it is allocated by the Router I can see some network computers but not others - when I have fixed IP then I can see all other computers, NAS drives, printers etc.

    Hope this helps.

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