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HP Spectre, Win 10. Would someone tell what this screen is (attached) and how was it created in the first place. Whenever I try to create a desktop icon it ends up on this screen.



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Based on the attached image, it appears that you are using the Chrome app screen on your HP Spectre running Windows 10. This screen is basically a separate desktop where you can access and organize your Chrome apps separately from the regular desktop.

To access the Chrome app screen, you can open the Chrome browser and click on the Apps icon located on the bookmarks bar. This will open the Chrome app launcher, from which you can launch your installed Chrome apps or access the Chrome app screen by clicking on the square icon at the bottom-left corner of the launcher.

Regarding creating a desktop icon that ends up on this screen instead of the regular desktop, this may be because the icon you are trying to create is for a Chrome app specifically. To create a shortcut for a Chrome app on the Chrome app screen, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Chrome app launcher by clicking on the Apps icon in the bookmarks bar
2. Click and drag the app you want to add to the Chrome app screen
3. Drop the app onto the Chrome app screen

This should create a shortcut for the app on the Chrome app screen.

If you want to create a shortcut for a non-Chrome app on the regular desktop, you can right-click on the program or file and select "Create shortcut". The shortcut will then appear on the desktop.
Thanks, but I have no idea how your response helps.

I want to ELIMINATE that screen shown at the start of this thread.
If something other than the top option is selected you would get a screen like the first post. Select the top option.


If it is selected I would suggest resetting Chrome.

Settings > Reset settings