'Chrome extension, Faster Bookmark - Add Bookmark faster' How to use it?


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Apr 4, 2019
This next Chrome extension,

Faster Bookmark - Add Bookmark faster​

which you can find here:
Faster Bookmark - Add Bookmark faster

Let’s you easily add bookmarks to a certain folder of your bookmarks by selecting a folder from a long list of 900 folders you last bookmarked to. It says: “Adds a new browser button to quickly add bookmarks to the selected folder/category.” But I can’t see any such button. Do you know where it is?

And normally with extensions you can pin their icon in Chrome’s bar at top right but with this one I can’t get its icon pinned. Would have been easy to use this extension via such icon. But now I need to still go to top right in Chrome, click on and scroll down in the puzzle icon at top right in the Chrome window, each time to use this extension. That makes using this extension not so easy. Can you pin the icon? Do you know another way to use this extension?

And it says “Default key: cmd+b (win:ctrl+b)”. But Ctrl+b doesn’t do anything for me in Windows 10 with latest updates. Does it work for you? What should it do?
Do you know another way to show and bookmark to more than the standard last 5 bookmark folders bookmarked to?
A handy tool, but there are security issues. What do you say about that?
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