Computer won't start up

Hello people,

Four days ago, my computer got 100 updates.
I force shut down my computer because it toke to long and i had to sleep.
The next day when i tried to start up my computer, my computer started with install the updates.
But it stucked at 9700. And it won't boot without the updates.

I found some solutions on internet and i tried to fix it.
But... it ony get worse.

When i start op my computer now i get this message:

When i pres enter to go on it reboot and give this message again, again and again. No way to avoid it.

I have acces to 3 pages to possible fix it, that are those:

I acces this page to use my keyboard and then enter: del, F12 and F8. I don't have any windows CD. Windows was already installed when I buyed my computer.

My computer is:
Acer AX3400

I hope you guys can help me!


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What make and model is your computer? Will it boot if you select safe mode?

Safe mode won't work :frown:

And my specs are:
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
- Amd Athlon II X4 635 quad core processor
- 4GB DDR3 -> Memory
- 500GB -> Hard Drive
- DVD-Super Multi Optical -> Drive
- Nvidia® Gforce 9200 -> Graphic Card
- Multi-in-One -> Media Card Reader


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I know it's a bit late but in the future never force shut your computer while it updates because this might happen.

Now, when you get to a screen where you can select mode of operation (safe mode etc.) try "last known good configuration". If you ever created any restore points this should help.

If that's of no use, you could try to create a System Repair Disc on another computer which runs exactly the same version of Windows as you are running. Here is a link explaining how to do it.

Just remember that if you try that option you need to boot from your dvd drive (4th picture that you posted)


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If Lintrun's suggestion does not work you should have a recovery partition on your computer. This will enable you to recover your system back to the state in which you bought it but you must be aware that this process will remove all programs which you have installed and any data files you have on the computer will be irrecoverably lost. Given that the pc will not boot it will be necessary to remove the drive to save any data and you may need further help which we can give you. If you just wish to proceed with recovery then switch of your computer, switch it back on and hold down the Alt key and keep pressing F10 during startup until the screen displays the recovery startup. Follow the instructions to recover your system.

@ Lintrum Many thanks! But i never create a restore point, I will try your last option if the rest all don't work!

@ Patcooke, Never heard of that option, I try it tomorrow. I resseted my computer just before this problem came. (Thats why I had 100 updates) But i'm verry happy with al your help guys. I almost tought that my computer was lost.


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Like it's been said, never turn off your computer while it is updating. Another thing is, you shouldn't run 100 updates in a row, without restarting - 2 or 3 updates at a time, starting with older ones, checking everything works.

One option is to choose "Last known good configuration" as in your screenshot 2.


I never made a choise to update so many, windows just did.
But i will never force shut down my computer again.

Its fixed, thanks for all the help everybody!

I did it with the alt f10 trick, everythings resetted but i don't really care.


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The alt/F10 enables you to recover your system from the recovery partition on the hard drive but this will only work if your hard drive has not suffered a catastrophic failure. If it does you will have lost both your bootable system and the recovery partition all at once. This means you are faced with a dead unbootable machine. Before this happens you should use the utility on your pc to create bootable dvd's to recover your system to a brand new hard drive. Not only should you burn these disks you should also then make a second copy of them just in the first ones fail to boot - it happens all too often!


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About Windows doing it, with updates and other automated functions, I do believe I share an opinion with quite a few: hold the hold of horses in your own hold. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update\Change settings, and choose Windows to check for updates but leave the decisive action for yourself. And, I would say DEFINITELY, have recommended Updates unticked. You will see those Updates informed.

I've abandoned practically all auto functions, including auto start of CDs and DVDs, because it easily gets to a mess. More secure to use the traditional method: door won't open, unless YOU use the key. No offense to those who, at least try, to make our life easier.

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill

Best of all.

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